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small engine machines

This question is about the mix ratio for small engines machines, like gas chain saws, gas trimmers, gas blowers, etc.

My small engine service store guy recommends a richer mix (more oil in it) than the manufacturers, even though they smoke with a richer mix.

When the manufacturer recommends 1:50 mix, he says go with a 1:35mix. His reason: a little more lubrication will save your engine, never mind the added smoke. My machine run a little richer, but they don't quit.

What do you think from your experience?

Re: small engine machines

I usually put in more oil in it, but usually because I am too lazy to measure it out correctly. It does smoke, sure, but I feel like it performs stronger.

A. Spruce
Re: small engine machines

I tend to like a little richer mix as well. What I believe is more important is to use a good quality 2-cycle oil. I usually grab Stihl or Echo brands, no matter what the machine is. I've found that the 'good' stuff makes the machine run much better than the cheap, no-name brands.

Re: small engine machines

I always use the mix recommended and a good quality oil(semi-synthetic)like echo or stihl. I've never had an engine seize or break from an oil related problem. Too much oil tends to build up carbon on the head or piston.
35:1 is ridiculous for a 50:1 engine & good oil. Let me guess- your repair guy is about 75 years old.

Re: small engine machines

ed21, thank you for your opinion.

Just because the chainsaw repair man suggests to run a richer mix than the manufacturer, you conclude that he's 75 years young?

And he's got a point, since he's seen many blown engines. Probably more than you? ;) Carbon build up? easy to get rid of.

Are you familiar with the Vespa scooter? It runs on a mix too, same idea, and it runs better and safer on a richer mix than recommended by the manufacturer. I know. I've been riding them since I was 15.

Re: small engine machines

My quip about age has more to do about somebody set in there ways when 35:1 was more the norm. (You didn't set me straight though).
If you check the owners manual on most new equipment 50:1 requires the good oil identified by spec. Lesser quality oils are often required at 40:1. Just because your guy has seen lots of blown engines doesn't mean the proper oil at the correct ratio was used. I like the smell of 2 stroke engines as much as the next guy, but don't need the blue haze in my backyard or the extra smoke in my lungs.

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