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small bathroom configuration

The old porch of our 1898 house was converted into a bathroom, which is great, but means that we walk through the bathroom to get outside...sometimes resulting in unexpected surprises when we have a backyard BBQ.

To solve this, we want to section off the porch into a bathroom area and a mudroom area by framing out a wall. We'd like to keep our 3 piece bath (toilet, sink, shower). Is it possible to fit a shower, pedestal sink and toilet in a 37.5" x 94" space (inside dimensions, framing and dry wall already accounted for)?

A. Spruce
Re: small bathroom configuration

You're kidding, right? You want to shoehorn all that into a space of just 3 feet wide and 8 feet long? A typical 1/2 bath or full bath is at minimum 5 feet wide to accommodate a tub or a toilet/sink within it's width.

Aside from fitting the fixtures into the space, you've also got to have plenty of room to use each device without feeling claustrophobic, which you would in your scenario. Lastly, in the case of the toilet, you need a minimum of a 3 foot square just for the toilet, you need another 2 feet in front of it to be able to comfortably sit down without scraping your face down the wall as you do so.

So, in answer to your question, no, you cannot put all that into the space you're suggesting. The only way I can see it working is if you were to salvage a toilet/shower from an RV where the toilet and shower are molded into the same unit, but then you introduce a whole new set of problems, mechanical, physical, and aesthetic.

Now, if you were willing to extend the porch to accommodate the space needed for a comfortable, usable bathroom, then it's absolutely do-able.

Re: small bathroom configuration

The problem is the 3' side. But don't give up your dream yet...

I have a bathroom in a rental house which is 4'x7' and includes a toilet, small lavatory and a shower. Tight, but functional.

A big factor is the location of the door.

I would ask architects. Some of them design magic. Who knows, one might have an answer for you.

Please let us know.

Re: small bathroom configuration

Thanks for the input. We were able to finish out the space using a corner toilet, a neo angle shower and a small pedestal sink. We passed all necessary inspections and met code requirements.

Re: small bathroom configuration

Very good!

Who designed the bathroom? Can you send a photo?

Re: small bathroom configuration

I have seen smaller bathrooms :)
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