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Slow tank fill

I am trying to determine the cause of slow tank fill up on one of my toilets. I have 3 1/2 baths in my home, and the only one I seem to have the problem with is in the powder room on the main floor. I replumbed the inside of the tanks in all my toilets several years ago to remove the ball floats and replace them with the float that goes up and down on the post. For some reason (???) this toilet takes forever to refill the tank after it has been flushed. I can't find any obvious problem. I would appreciate any/all recommendations to resolve this situation. Thanks!

Re: Slow tank fill

A slow refill is usually either caused by a clogged refill valve, or a clogged or bad washer in the water supply line.

Also check to see that the water supply valve under the toilet tank is FULLY OPEN.

When you say you replaced the refill valves, I assume you put in the Fluidmaster 400 (usually black) series of refill valves.

These are subject to a swollen seal, or a plugged valve inlet, which will produce the condition of slow refill.

Another outside possibility is that the water line itself (going into the toilet tank) is plugged, (due to a broken washer inside the shutoff valve, for example), restricting the water supply flow into the toilet tank.

Since the Fluidmasters cost only $5, it's probably wise to pick up a spare at the big box stores in case the one in the toilet turns out to be the problem; they have repair kits for the bad seals, but the store may not carry them.

In any event to make a repair, you'll have to shut off this valve, flush the toilet to drain most of the water, and sponge the remainder out, or use a turkey baster, or rubber syringe to get the rest out.

Remove the water supply connection & use a rubber or plastic hose fitted over the water supply line to direct the water into a large bucket, then open the water supply line.

You should get a rapid, strong flow of water into the bucket to verify the water supply line is OK.

Consult the site below for the section "Troubleshooting Guide for Fluidmasters" to see if you can repair the one already in the tank; scroll down to item #5 in the troubleshooting guide.

Google "toilet refill valve" for more sites on this problem.


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