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slow kitchen sink drain

my kitchen sink drain has started draining slowly.Tried drain cleaner chemicals and seemed to help at first.I filled sink 1/2 full with water while drain plug in place, then pulled plug.Water drained very fast until it got down to last1/2 inch of water in sink and thenwent very slowly,then when water was juswt about gone, it made that glug/ glug sound and water was gone.I've taken all drain pipes off from sink to wall and all is clear.If water is run slowly,drains ok. If too moch water is run it seems to drain slower and when water is turned off , I get the glug/ glug back.This is the only drain in the house that has this problem.Iwas advised at home improvement store to try water bladder to clean line?? Advised me a snake could damage plastic pipes?? Also , house is on a slab so i'm limitted to pipe access. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: slow kitchen sink drain

There is definitely a blockage on the kitchen leg of the drain, possibly a plugged vent. I would recommend calling a professional to come and assess and snake the lines.

For what it's worth, plastic has been the pipe of choice for decades and both plumbers and lay-people the world over have been snaking them. A snake can damage plastic pipes if care is not taken, but it is rarely a big issue.

Re: slow kitchen sink drain

Snaking done right will not damage your drain lines. Get a plumber who specializes in drain cleaning.

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