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Slow Drainage

In my bathromm tub the water does not receed properly. Don't want to try Draino because pipes in house might be really old. So instead tried to snake the pipe and come up empty handed. Any answers or suggestions would be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :D

Re: Slow Drainage

Use Clorine Bleach Let It Set Over Nite And Then Flush With Water

Re: Slow Drainage

Try this before you try the chemicals…

Remove the tub overflow cover plate. That is the thing on the tub – usually a round plate – which the water goes out of if you fill the tub really full. See this diagram – it is the thing numbered “3”.


You will have to take out a couple screws to do this. Be sure to put a rag over the tub drain before you do this so the screws don’t go down the drain if you drop them.

Once you have taken the screws out then pull the tub overflow out. You might have to pull really hard. The thing that comes out will have a plug-like cylinder on the end. See the diagram. See the number 7 about in the middle? Look to the right at the skinny metal piece then look down further. This cylinder fits inside the overflow pipe and goes up and down when you flip the lever to make the tub fill or drain. If the tub is draining slowly then this cylinder might be hanging too far down in the overflow pipe when the lever is set to “drain”. To fix this you will have to adjust how far down the metal cylinder sets. This is easy – the skinny metal rods should have a screw end and you just turn it to screw it in farther.

I had a really slow draining bathtub and pulled out my tub overflow. Mine had a spring-like attachment at the end. I think it was to catch hair. Well, it did catch hair. It was clogged solid with hair. (It looked like a dead mouse.) I cleaned it up and put it back and the drain worked great!

Give this a try and let me know what you find out.

Re: Slow Drainage

Many times when a drain is slow it is because the vent pipe is clogged. Every drain pipe has to have a vent of some sort. You have to have air to allow water to flow. That is why when you place a straw in water and plug the top with your finger and pull it out of your drink the liquid stays still or drips very slowly out of the straw. Most vents are routed out of the roof of the house to allow gasses and odors to escape out of the home. These vent pipes can be snaked out easilly if you have a long enough snake. You can rent them from industrial rental companies. It is a good idea after you snake out the vents( do them all while you are on the roof) to cover them with screen wire. You can buy screen wire at the hardware store and wrap it around the vent pipe and secure it with a zip tie.(also from the hardware store)

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