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Sloping an Existing Concrete Porch

We have an existing concrete front porch that does not drain well from the house. What is the best way to add some slope to the existing porch so that the water drains away from the house?

Re: Sloping an Existing Concrete Porch

Sorry to tell you, but you cannot really add slope to an existig concrete slab. You cannot disturb the base (under the slab) because the concrete will eventually crack if there is a poor base or if there are voids under the slab. The only real option is to remove the slab and pour a new one with the proper slope.

Re: Sloping an Existing Concrete Porch

How big is your porch, and how much lower is it than your house floor? you might be able to add tile or brick pavers to the top of the porch by adding a sloping morter bed?

Re: Sloping an Existing Concrete Porch

I agree with Markmmg, the right way is to replace the slab. Anything else is just going to give you trouble down the road and be a waste of money. You are better off investing the money to do it right and forget about it for the next 20 years.

Calcats ;)

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