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Sloping back yard into house

My backyard is a slight slope that stops at the walkout basement. I'm thinking of creating a patio under the upper deck but don't know if I should lay a layer of rock next to the house to build it up higher than the sloping yard or create a retaining wall first.

Re: Sloping back yard into house

Depending on how steep is the hill is, I would opt to building a retaining wall.

Re: Sloping back yard into house

What dj said.

Could you give us more info & some photos as to if the hill slopes down toward the house; or away from the house.

One or 2 photos would be very helpful so we can visualize what the yard, slope & building look like; you can use a photo host site like photobucket.

The first pinterest site below has several diagram illustrations of how a retaining wall can be built of pressure-treated timbers, stone block, natural stone, etc., some retaining walls that pitch into the hill don't require any mortar; but do require landscaping fabric, & perforated 4" drain pipe & gravel at the inner base to direct rainwater buildup away from the wall (see pinterest illustration).

You may live in an area where natural stone can be obtained free of charge; if so, always collect relatively FLAT stones/boulders
because round stones/boulders are very hard to stack up on each other & make for an unstable wall.


Re: Sloping back yard into house

I don't think a retaining wall is the answer. It sounds like you need to have the backyard regraded. You should have a swale about 10 feet or more from the house. This is the lowest point in the back yard where the ground slopes down going away from the house and the hill terminates. The swale should go across the backyard and around the sides so that water is funneled away from the house at all times.

The swale needs to be a good ten feet from the planned patio as well so it may need to be 20 or more feet from the back of the house.

Re: Sloping back yard into house
dj1 wrote:

Depending on how steep is the hill is, I would opt to building a retaining wall.

I will try to post a photo. My iPad photo wouldn't load

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