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slippery ramp

I have a wooden ramp off of my deck for my older dog and potbellied pig to walk down to the yard to their potty area. I am concerned about it being to slippery for them in the winter. I need suggestions on how to make it non slippery when the snow flies. I just can't come up with any ideas. Thanks

Re: slippery ramp

Self adhesive grip tape like skateboarders use comes to mind. It's available in hardware stores by the roll. Boating stores often sell it to. They also sell deck(boat) paint that has a grit for non skid in it.
How about little booties with cleats?:)

Re: slippery ramp

We use the paint at work on truck step bumpers . Works well .

Please tell me that the pig doesn't live inside . :eek:

Re: slippery ramp

Before you put any kind of non-skid surface on the ramp, you might want to wash the ramp to remove slime mold which tends to grow on outdoor wood surfaces. A solution with chlorine laundry bleach and tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) works well. You can substitute laundry detergent for the TSP with slightly less performance.

You could use paint with washed sand (sandblasting media) mixed in. Don't use ordinary sand, as it contains a lot of dust that weakens the paint. However, paint generally isn't recommended for horizontal outdoor surfaces, as the wood tends to rot out quicker since it can't breathe and the paint literally pops off the wood. A good semi-transparent stain does a good job of preserving the wood and helps prevent the growth of slippery slime mold. It also allows the wood to breathe. Stain should be reapplied annually.

I think the non-skid strips are your best bet. Then when they get worn out you can just replace them.

Re: slippery ramp

It's her !!! :D

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