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Slip in type of sprayer for sink

PLEASE HELP. What is the name of the kitchen sink spray hose attachment that has a nipple type slip fitting, (that kind of looks like the one in the above picture).
I am trying to install a new used sink, and am unfamiliar with this type of water hook up fitting.
It looks like a long nipple type (male) metal connector, that slips into a female metal end that has 2 holes in it, then has 2 pieces of plastic pieces that are held on with a simple oval shaped wire. (The 2 pieces of plastic do not meet all the way around).
These does not make sense to me as how it would not leak.
I need to learn about this, and how it works before I install it in my kitchen, (which is completely torn apart now).
Thank you in advance.

A. Spruce
Re: Slip in type of sprayer for sink

It is a spring loaded slip connection.

There are o-rings inside the female side that seal against the male side. The C-clip holds the two halves together. If you've got all the pieces out, put them together now a few times to get the hang of how it all goes together before you're upside-down under the sink trying to make the connections. :cool:

Re: Slip in type of sprayer for sink

Hi, and thank you for your response.
There is an O ring on the male part of the connector, which supplies water to the faucet. This slips into a female attachment which is connected to a hose coming from the faucet handle assy.
They do NOT fit together snugly, and with my (what I think) of the way water pressure works - does just not seem to be a likely water tight connection.
If you could tell me what this connection is called, I will look it up.
I have tried to search such connectors, but must not be doing the right wording on the search.
If you can -please help.
I am the type of person who must understand something, (and have it make sense), before I attempt such.
As for a trial, I would do such outside, instead of under the sink...
Again, thank you

Re: Slip in type of sprayer for sink

You may not be getting the female end all the way on. The O ring will make the joint water proof. Some faucets supply a small tube of water proof grease for the O ring. Without it you may not be getting the two sections all the way together. If they didn't supply any try putting some vegetable oil on the O ring. There should be a plastic clip of some sort that holds the two sections together. Even with the clip on the joint will turn but it will not leak.


Re: Slip in type of sprayer for sink

Thank you so much for your advice.
Since this did NOT make sense to me, and I really wanted my kitchen back together so my life wasn't in 'dis-comuberation', I bought a new plain and simple faucet assembly.
The particular nipple type connector did not fit snugly, and although I used all my might even with a now torn rotator cuff, it did not fit as tightly as I would expect water to not leak.
At 53 and female who has done too much DYI's, I am done with plumbing...(as soon as I replace the drain system which doesn't match up with the new sink, once my shoulder heals).
Sorry to sound whinny - however this has been a real pain...

A. Spruce
Re: Slip in type of sprayer for sink

Sorry for your troubles. Thank you for the update.

Re: Slip in type of sprayer for sink

Plumbing problems rank number 1 in homeowner's list of pain in the azz or the neck. Always been, always will.

In your particular case, the standard old fashion type kitchen faucet will give you the most peace of mind. Delta/Peerless or Moen will be a good and dependable choice. They both come with a sprayer.

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