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Sling patio chair repair

We have a patio chair with a sling back and bottom. The fabric is stretched between two side extrusions. The fabric is held into a keyway by a spline on the edge of the fabric. The problem is the spline pulled out of the keyway for about 6 inches at one end. (see picture)
Is there any way to insert the spline into the keyway?

Re: Sling patio chair repair

I would think you could pop the rail caps off off either the top or bottom of the rails and then slide the whole fabric piece out and then back in.

Do you know what caused it?

Re: Sling patio chair repair

Thanks for the reply.
I wish it were that easy. The fabric is held taught between the two extrusions by three metal rods that run between the extrusions holding them apart. The rods are inserted into hole in the extrusions. It looks like the factory assembled them by pulling the extrusions apart, stretching the fabric, untill they could fit the rods between the extrusions. I can not manually pull the extrusions apart because the fabric is hard to stretch.

A. Spruce
Re: Sling patio chair repair

If all the parts of the chair are welded, the you're probably screwed, short of doing as NEC suggests. If you can take one rail off, reinsert the fabric and spline, then reattach the rail, that would be easier than trying to work with the fabric under tension.

Re: Sling patio chair repair

The plastic spline broke off in the keyway of a metal patio chair. Is there a way to soften it so I can get it out?

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