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Sliding glass doors are opening on the wrong side

Has anyone ever flipped sliding glass doors I would like to open them in the other direction

A. Spruce
Re: Sliding glass doors are opening on the wrong side
A. Spruce

Depends on the door, but this shouldn't be a problem for someone who knows what they're doing. Can't really be any more specific without seeing the door itself to know whether or not your question is possible. Best thing to do is get a qualified tradesman to look at it for you. Call a general contractor or a specialty door company.

Re: Sliding glass doors are opening on the wrong side

It depends on the door. Some can be flipped, some can't. I'm assuming this is a vinyl window unit. (Even though it's called a "door" in principle it's a window.)

If yours can be flipped, you'll need to do the following:

  • Remove the sliding portion of the window and the screen (see note below)
  • Remove the metal-capped track from the bottom channel and insert into the top channel. Also move the plastic track for the screen door.
  • Move the rollers from the bottom of the slider portion to the top -- unless there are already identical rollers at the top
  • flip over the locking mechanism -- the hook always points up. Be careful you don't lose the locking mechanism inside the frame (but if you do, your local home center or glass shop will probably have a replacement mechanism)
  • Flip over the entire window unit -- this may require removing the siding from your house.

(Note that "top" and "bottom" refer to the current orientation, before flipping everything.)

In the side of the sliding portion of the window near the bottom on each side, there should be an adjustment screw. Turn this screw all the way counterclockwise to retract the rollers. If there are also rollers at the top, retract them, too. Then lift the sliding portion out of the track. Be careful, it's heavy and awkward. You may want help.

The screen will also have rollers which you'll need to retract using the same sort of screws, but they won't actually rise off of the track. Once the rollers are retracted, slide a putty knife under the rollers so you can slide the rollers off the track.

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