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I have a large barn that I am replacing the slate roof on with metal. Is there a market for used slate or just strip it off into the dumpster.

Re: Slate

Sure there's a market for salvaged tiles. Question is: is it worth looking for it?

I don't know the type of slate tiles you have, but generally, old slate tiles are brittle and not easy to remove intact. They are heavy, the handleing and the time it would take you to arrange the tiles on a pallet will be too much.

If you had a buyer with a truck right there to load them, as you remove them off the roof and take them away it would be one thing. Otherwise, in my opinion, they are not worth saving. Labor and time will outweigh the money.

Re: Slate

There could be a market especially for roofers who repair slate roofs. Like DJ said it would be a very labor intensive process to get the slate off the roof intact but if you are doing the work yourself labor is free.

I would say if you can avoid sending it to the landfill it would be good for both the environment and your wallet. Slate is very heavy and could cost you a small fortune in dumping fees. I haven't taken anything to the dump in my area in the past few years but at that time it was about $60 a ton and I'm sure it is a lot more now.

Other people that might be interested might be a stone yard, or maybe someone looking for clean fill. Good luck in your project.


Re: Slate

I would think you could swing a deal with a slate roofer where they remove the slate tiles in exchange they get to keep them. Leaving the jobsite neat and tidy of course.

Re: Slate

Not that I'm aware of. As it's been said, the slate that you will be removing is most likely old and brittle and not of good enough quality to salvage. Because slate lasts so long, it's likely that the quarry the slate was originally from is no longer in use, meaning that someone wouldn't be able to match it with current quarries.

I can't imagine anyone agreeing it take the slate roof off in exchange for being able to keep the slate. When I've been to towns that quarry slate, there are literally mountains of imperfect slate and slate pieces all around town. Why would they do it for old, brittle slate when, if they wanted the reject slate they could get it for free? Also, when they remove the slate, because of the weight, a lot of times they will drop the old slates to the ground, breaking them.

Re: Slate

Could it be repurposed and used as a path in a garden perhaps, or as a patio?

Re: Slate

I did find a local contractor to take the slate off in exchange for papering the roof temporarly. They wanted them because of the large size 12x16

Cynthia Cramer
Re: Slate

How did you locate the contractor who took your slate? We will be doing the same on our house (replacing with metal) :( Love the slate, it's just untouchably expensive to replace!
We will also be demolishing--or having disassembled-- our 100 year old barn. It too has a slate roof, and we are hoping to find someone to use the beautiful old beams in their new construction.

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