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Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

if you are installing a copper tubed boiler installeither a RAYPAK or a CAMUS you won't have near the problems

Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

:) [COLOR=blue]So, as it ends up, the ignitor was the cause of the A-1 problem. The fix was incredibly simple. Shaving to end of one of the ignitors to a point instead of a flat surface. The spark then stayed at one point and did not bounce around the tip of the ignitor. Have not had one failed ignition in two years since the simple fix.

The Slant Fin BOBCAT is the only high efficiency boiler that I know of that is totally made the the USA. This includes the heat exchanger. Not only that, the heat exchanger does not require yearly maintenance, as with most of the other high efficiency boilers.

The best part about Slant Fin though is their customer support. I don't know of another boiler company that even comes close.[/COLOR]

Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

I have installed many of all the following boilers and I would recommend a Buderus or Viessmann boiler as they are much better than Slant Fin.

Good Luck!!

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Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

Interesting that people who sell specific products talk down companies that make products in this country and employ amarican workers. Anyway the Slantfin bobcat boiler is running very well and the entire problem with the A01 seems to have been related to the igniter design. Slantfin does have a new design that essentially does as was suggested in another post and modifies the end points. Since I have installed the replacement igniter I have not had a single failure.
As for the heating cost savings, I had oil and the cost was about $3200( 2008) during the heating season for heating oil. The Slantfin Bobcat has been in for 3 full heating seasons and the cost is about $750 for the season. Hot water heating during the summer is about $35.00 per month. Would I recommend this boiler, yes without hesitation especially with the support Slantfin gave. My only caution would be select a dealer you can trust and get recommendations on because installation is critical and they should understand the requirements of a high efficiency boiler .

Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

I posted in this thread in spring of 2009, when I was having the A01 error problem. Shortly thereafter, I called Slantfin and was sent a new controller board and a new ignitor free of charge. I was very pleased with their customer service people. They were very helpful and friendly.
The system worked flawlessly and until the start of this heating season. I have a solar hot water panel, so my boiler is basically shut down all summer. When it attempted to start for the first time in October the dreaded A01 error reappeared. I did not wait the fifteen minutes for the controller board to retry, but rather pulled the ignitor and sanded (with very fine sandpaper) the contact points on the ignitor.
It has worked flawlessly since then.
I don't mind the simple annual task of cleaning the ignitor but I plan on calling Slantfin and seeing if a newer better fix is now available.
I read a previous post regarding a controller board specific to propane. The board I have does not have a specific "propane" designation, so that may help.
Overall, the boiler has been very efficient. My annual propane use is less than half of what it was as when I had an old cast iron boiler with improperly sized zone valves (installed by a "professional" HVAC company).

Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

Ok right now I’m looking for some wood to knock on. I installed the Bobcat in 2008. Once I got past the A01 issue with the new igniter design I have had no problems. The cost for heating is extremely low. My gas bill run about $98.00 to $130.00 per winter month. The other months for hot water only are between $35.00 and $45.00 per month. Not bad. :)

Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

[QUOTE=tsac00]ok , first of all SlantFin is a good Amarican , US built company and back their products.
Now for the problem. I installed a bobcat 120 in june 08. It was constantly failing with code A01
I had to reset it. SlantFin replaced the electronics and then I had what can be described as "delayed Ignition" A loud band between ignition failures. The new control board did not require a reset because it was now auto reset. SlantFin then sent an engineer to my house. They recommended the exhaust be redesigned from a combo to individual plastic pipes.. two days later more delayed ignite issues.

Today the first day of heating, the fan that increases the gas flame temp started to sound like a fan rubbing on something with a clicking noise. So now I will be calling Monday to inform them of the new issue.
Now don’t misunderstand me. They have been very responsive. I have friends who have purchased WeilMclane, Burnam and others . All feel they made a mistake:( and even though I have some issues they are considering replacing with a SLantFin. The Bobcat is a very nice boiler and I’m sure will be a real money saver when I get it corrected. I have a affinity for problems. I asked for other slantfin customers and received a list from a distributor( SlantFin did not know about this ) and could not find anyone else who had issues so I guess I would recommend buying the Bobcat:)

I have the same size house as you.

2011 edit updateThis is a follow-up to the Bobcat I installed in 2008. I initially had some issues but they apparently all related to the igniter design. Slantfin engineers replaced the original design with one that allows the spark to as other suggested “not jump around” it has a much shorter length. Anyway the problems are non existent now and the boiler runs perfect ( hope I don’t jinx it). The Oil boiler I had used about 1000 gallons of oil a year. Ran during the summer for hot water. The cost was about $3100 in 2008. The Bobcat cost about $7500 to install complete with all new . The cost to run the Bobcat for hot water runs about $35 for a family of 4 a month. Heating runs about $180 during the winter keeping the thermostat at 70 during the day and 66 at night. So all in all I would say it was a good investment. :D

Could you please let me know if a Slant-Fin Bobcat is a good choice for a gas boiler? Does anyone know if there is a bobcat that is available for a 100,000 btu. I was interested originally in the Weil McLain CGI-4 but so many bad reviews on Weil McLain. Confused...do not know which way to go....please help...thanks...iannilin

Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

2014 October update. All is good and the only thing I do is check the igniter and if needed replace. The total cost for the igniter is about $30.00 including the fiber seal. Other than playing around with the settings I do not have any issues (where’s the wood to knock on) Cost to run is very low compared to oil. My total cost to install was $7500.00 and with a cost for oil over 5 full years vs this unit I have it paid back in just over 3 years.

Re: Slant Fin Boiler Good or Bad?

I installed a Slant Fin Lynx Combi boiler in 2013, and it has given me nothing but problems. It is just about the worst piece of mechanical equipment I have ever owned. I have had every error in the book, Currently flashing E32, but you name it. Do not install one of these at any cost.


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