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Slab Leak Dryng Time

Just how long does it take for a slab to dry out after a slab leak (2)? I had the house re-plumbed with a total re-route so there are no active pipes in the floor. The slab is still damp after 10 weeks drying time in dry 70 degree weather. No sooner do I put new flooring underlayment down, 24 hours later it's wet again. I've had two leak experts, two plumbers, the HOA and the City come look but they're all stumped. I was told I had probably upwards to 100 gallons leak under the house and just have to wait it out. My neighbors are dry with no shared walls. I'm aging far rapidly than a woman should waiting to put the house back together. Adding insult to injury - the floors were only 6 months old and a 3 year complete remodel (all done by ME) finished just 3 weeks before the leak. Help, my patience is sinking fast. Molly Brown

Re: Slab Leak Dryng Time

Hi, I am currently experiencing the same problem and wondered if you had a resolution? I had a slow pipe leak under the slab for months. I removed the damaged hardwood floor and re piped the whole house. It has been more than 4 months and the water is still seeping up through the slab. I had one moisture control specialist tell me to seal the water out, but i don't know if this will work forever. Whatever happened to you?

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