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Skim coat problems

We are trying to hide the texture on the bottom half of the wall by applying a skim coat. I did 1 coat, let it dry, sand, and then applied a second coat and followed the same procedure. Then, I decided to add one more coat, sand, etc. Looked good, so I primed with a latex primer and just now started to paint. Now I am noticing in areas that must have had a thinner coat of skim coating the texture is showing through. It looks like bubbles... Its horrible looking! What can I do to fix this? Can I just apply another coat of skim coat on top of the primer and paint?

Please help!! I cant live with my walls like this.

A. Spruce
Re: Skim coat problems

Yup, just skim over the primer, no harm done. When you get the wall smooth, take a light at a low angle on the wall and all flaws will be revealed. Mark them with a pencil, top them with more compound and repeat until you get the wall the way you want it.

Re: Skim coat problems

When skim coating, I try not to sand until after the last coat. The dust raised by the sanding and sitting on the surface seems to interfer with the bonding of the latter coat. If there are rough or high spots, simply run your drywall knife over them to knock them down, then re-skim coat. This avoids raising dust.

Try as you may, you will probably have a few flaws show up after the priming. Just hit them with more drywall mud, let dry, sand and spot prime them.

Re: Skim coat problems

What they said and;

Sometimes the bubbles come from having a drywall mud that is too thick (as in viscosity) add water to the drywall mud to make it thinner. Each successive layer needs thinner drywall mud as the older drywall mud sucks the water out of the new drywall mud.

Vacuum the walls between coats to get the dust off the surface and out of the pits.

Re: Skim coat problems

***, Thank you! Great advice. Its such a dirty job, man. The thought of adding more mud is not fun... but we will see.

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