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Skim coat over popcorn ceiling

Make a long story short... I had a popcorn ceiling I have been wanting to remove. Seems alot of contractors put it on, but nobody (I could find) removes it. So I rented a powered drywall sander and went to town. It smoothed it down a little then I skim coated the ceiling with joint compound. The question is... was joint compound the right thing to use? I am starting to second guess my decision in using that.

A. Spruce
Re: Skim coat over popcorn ceiling

Joint compound is fine, topping compound would be better. The difference is that joint compound dries quite hard, making it more difficult to sand. Topping compound is more easily sanded when dry. Don't despair, you can still switch from using joint compound to topping compound to finish your ceiling. When it comes time to retexture your ceiling with orange peel or knock-down, you can still utilize what's left of both the topping and joint compounds by using them as the texturing medium. Simply add a little water to make them the consistency of pancake batter, pour into the texture hopper and have at it.

Re: Skim coat over popcorn ceiling

for what you are doing the bucket mud or premix is probably the easiest it will take multiple coats but will sand the easiest. like spruce said if you used the bag mud that you have to mix that is ok also because it will dry much harder but skim it out with the bucket mud for a much smoother coat, you may even after you put a primer on it see a few spots that need touch up. if you do hit it again and if the mud is close to the same color as the primer, add just a touch of dry chalk that you would use for your straight line. if it is red chalk add just a very little and it will turn a pink color and make it easy to spot your touch ups. you do this because it makes it easier to spot them so that you don't forget to sand them out. if you don't sand them out once you paint they will stick out like fred flintstone's sore thumb.

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