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Sistering Joists with existing hangers


I have some water damage on the end of some joists and am trying to repair the situation.  The water rotted the sill plate, rim joist and the ends of three-floor joists.  I replaced the sill (after jacking the room up a bit) and part of the joists sit on the new sill but not good enough.  With just replacing the sill, the floors are back level and the back door is back aligned but the joists need to be fixed so I can put on a new rim and be structurally sound.  I was planning on sistering the joists with new joists spanning the full length of the older joist.  The old joists are in good shape except for the rotted ends.  I was planning on using liquid nails and some bolts to sister.  My question and issue is attaching the sistering joist on the ledger end.  The current, old joist is attached using a hanger.  So that hanger is in the way of me attaching the new joist to the ledger.  Do I need to attach the sistering joist to the ledger in the first place?  Do I need to remove the old hanger and put a new double hanger in with the new sistered joist?  Wondering what the professionals/experts do in this situation.

Thanks for your input!

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