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Sinks running slow and they gurgle when the stop running?

I have a small house with e sinks back to back (bath & kitchen) and then the toliet and tub all on the same wall maybe 6 feet with the sewer line in the wall. For the last 3 months the drains are running slow when you run the water th sinks back up and take a while to drain and when you do you get a gurgle once they clear. I have used drain openers gels, liquids and build up types and the drains still run slow. It is a 2 story and the air line I can't get to to look down it to seee if it is clunged up. I have pour these drain openers in a gallon at a time leave for 8 hours or long over night I run hot water before I pour it in and then boil water and pour it in after it has been in there the time period and yet I still have slow drains that gurgle when they finally clear. I have replaced the cast line in the basement about 8 years ago because it rotten thru. Can't access the line in the wall but it is galvinized I think and should be good being it is maybe 6 ft long total.

The house is about 70 years old. What is causing the gurgle and slow drains and is there anything I can do to correct this being the sinck drains are smaller thah the line in the wall so snaking does not seem to be effective either.

Culd the air stack thru the roof getting clunged up?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

A. Spruce
Re: Sinks running slow and they gurgle when the stop running?

Since you have a problem with all drains, the problem is within the drainline to the street. If you were losing the water in the traps or toilet, that would be an indication that the vent stack is blocked. Sounds like it's time to have the main sewer line augered. There are probably roots or a collapse in the line between the house and street.

Re: Sinks running slow and they gurgle when the stop running?

Thanks I will have a company come in and snake it out. I had the line from the outside the house to the side walk replaced and the roots were between the sidewalk and the street which should have been the city's responsibility but when your basement is backing up come not wait for the, becaise of the small line inside and difficutly getting a snake out they added a clean out in my front yard with a 6 inch opening. I will have to get someone to come out and snake it out and see if it is again the city's area if so might have to call and see what they can do. Prior to having my line replaced outside 2 companies came out one could not get the snake out to the spot the second could but it was a mess in the basement so I had them replace the line only to learn it was out side my requirements so will have to get it done before cold weather gets here they have to plug a cord in and it is 20 feet away from the house...

Thanks I will have someone come in and snake it out...


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