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sinking foundation

The house is in West Los Angeles, CA, one story built with a crawl space (in early 50s). A master wall runs from the front to the back of the house, and the house is sinking on both sides of that wall; one side, the shorter, more than the other. The door frames are crooked and some doors are hard or impossible to close. I'm not sure how fast it is sinking now, but it is sinking.

A (general construction) contractor came and checked it, but never got back to me, i think he didn't want to get involved. I know of a couple of "similar" cases where the house was lifted with hydraulic jacks and new posts were placed to reinforce the foundation, but some people has cautioned us that doing so may cause problems to other parts of the house (walls, roof, etc.).

Any suggestions? Thanks

Re: sinking foundation

It's impossible to diagnose over the Internet . You are going to have to get a pro to look at it and give you an opinion .
Houses can be lifted , leveled , moved , you name it . Your situation is probably not hopeless . Find a REPUTABLE contractor . Get referrals if you can . Good luck . :)

Re: sinking foundation

Ditto to djohns' post

.... being in CA from my understanding you have seismic re-enforcing to consider as well ... that might lead to a large can of worms and may explain the contractor taking off ... who knows.

Cheers. :)

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