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Sink wont drain without help of garbage disposal

What would cause this scenario? It will drain, as long as I turn the disposal on. Then what's left will come back and sit again till I turn the disposal on once again :cool:

We live in a high rise tower condo and the maintenance guys cant figure it out, say it's not the disposal and snake once or twice a month about 40 feet.:eek:

Re: Sink wont drain without help of garbage disposal

I had this problem a few months ago and found some good research online and after looking down into my disposal i was able to determine the issue. More than likely you have small pieces of food that are still in the disposal that are too small to get chopped up by the blades but too big to go down through the small drain holes. Your disposal just needs cleaned out, but this doesn't mean taking it off the sink and manually cleaning it out. Many disposal manufacturers recommend making a dry run (without water on), and putting ice down the drain. The ice chunks will clean out all of the debris and will actually help to sharpen the blades in the disposal. Try putting 3 or 4 cubes (1 at a time) down the disposal with it running and then see if it drains properly without the help of the disposal. Try dumping a big bowl of water at once and see if it drains properly as well.

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