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Sink & Stove

My husband and I are buying an old home built in 1924. It was attacked by some very low budget remodeling jobs by its previous owners. There are two 'rooms' that should not be rooms, there are plastic accordion doors! Doors to that lead to back yard in a closet, a stair case that was blocked off and bathrooms that just make you jump back. The Kitchen in my primary concern. The rest of it is livable for now. The stove and the sink are right next to each other... I mean RIGHT NEXT to each other. The inspection is on wed but I gotta know now - This cant be up to code.. can it?

Re: Sink & Stove

Not so sure it's a code issue but had more counter space in a 1972 canper.

Re: Sink & Stove

Whether or not it's up to code, it's terrible design. Very bad in terms of kitchen workspace, so anyone in your situation (I know you posted this a while back and presumably no longer need advice) should plan on redoing the kitchen at least enough to fix that problem.

Basic rule of thumb: you do want the range and sink either on the same counter run, or on adjoining legs (for example, in an L-shaped kitchen, one would be on the short leg and one would be on the long leg). But you don't want them right next to each other--practically speaking, even in a small kitchen, there should be MINIMUM 18" and ideally a lot more of counter between them--and you also, and especially, don't want them across the room or aisle from each other, because that would mean you're always transporting hot stuff (boiling pasta water, etc.) across the room or aisle, which creates a risk of dropping it on a child/pet/etc. Safety-wise, you want them far enough to have good workspace between them but close enough that you can transfer hot things from one of them to the other without ever carrying them across open floor.

Re: Sink & Stove

Is the stove gas ? If so it probably isnt a code issue.

Re: Sink & Stove

even if the stove is gas it would be a code issue because the stove is plugged into a regular outlet that is probably not a GFCI and it's less than 3' from the sink.

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