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sink hole/ground collapse

A sink hole/ground collapse happened in my front lawn and is 6 feet deep and 7 feet wide, almost reaching the residence. My question is what type of professional can I contact to get it evaluated and fixed? Also can anyone give me the names of companies, contractors or contracts, numbers to call, I have no idea what to do about this. Called 311 and they don't know either, just that its my problem to fix. I live in Queens,NY.

Re: sink hole/ground collapse

First, find out what happened and why you have a sink hole that big. It could be a sign of a serious situation. See if it's a result of a city main pipe in the street. In that case it would the city's problem.

Call geological engineers, excavators and general contractors dealing with soil, dirt, fill, etc. Some of them move mountains for living.

Don't call 311, they won't move a finger for you. Go to your building department and see if you can get phone numbers and recommendations.

Re: sink hole/ground collapse

In nearly every case of a ground collapse, it is a result of water. In some cases, it's natural groundwater, but in many cases it's due to a leaky pipe -- either water or sewer.

You might call 811 and have them come out and locate any utilities in the area (it's a nationwide number and the service is free). Chances are, one of the utilities runs right through the affected area. Then call that utility and have them come out and look at it.

Re: sink hole/ground collapse

I also have a sink hole under the carport but I had the main drain replaced near this area.

Re: sink hole/ground collapse

What fencepost recommends may or may not work in different areas. Around here, if it's on your lot, they won't even come to see it.

Heck, we have broken and raised sidewalks, due to overgrown city tree roots, which belong to the city, and the city doesn't want to fix. And yet, they pay millions in litigation for injuries and court costs.

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