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sink drain odor

HELP! We live in a ranch-style house built in 1965. In August, 2007 we replaced the wall-hung bathroom sinks with new cabinets and sink tops. We replaced the p-traps and short pipe going from the p-trap to the sewer pipe with PVC piping. The main bathroom is fine. The half-bath is not. We get the odor of sewer every time we turn the water on-it's not noticeable any other time. Every two or three weeks I have to take the p-trap and pipe off and clean out the gunk that has collected in them, which is a gelatinous substance. We put a snake down the vent stack and it seems clear. WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM?
Thank you for any help you can give us.

Re: sink drain odor

I don't have an answer. I have the same problem.

I completely remodled my main bathroom. About 2 months after I finished, I started smelling sewer gas from the sink. The only thing I did differently was: the new sink is closer to the wall than the old sink. I couldn't move the trap close enough to the wall to connect it with a straight pipe. So, I used a flexible PVC pipe to get the trap to connect to the new sink.

Re: sink drain odor


I had a plumber in recently to fix a leak from by upstairs bath down into my kitchen. Not pretty.

Anyway, he fixed the leak coming from the tub drain and I asked about the slow draining bathroom sink. He said it was from the hair, grease from our skin and other stuff building up in the pipes. He recommended an enzyme cleaner. I haven't gotten it yet but I think I will it cost around $50.

I've also seen on other post where folks mention putting bleach down the overflow drain and let it sit over night then in the morning take boiling water and dump it down the drain.

I haven't done this since I'm worried about my new fixture and making things worse. You know more leaks.

If interested I'll try to find the name of the cleaner.


Re: sink drain odor

I finally got around to taking the drain pipe apart under the sink and found the problem. Someone had dropped a children's medicine dropper into the sink and it was stuck around the bend near the tailpipe!

Hopefully no more back up and no more smell.


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