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Sink advise

I have a double kitchen sink. When both drains are open it drains quite well. If one side is stopped for dishwater the other side drains very slowly. The water goes down a small bit and then bubbles come up through the drain and the level drops a bit. then repeats, until drained. Pulling the plug on the other side allows both sides to drain normally. What's wrong?

Re: Sink advise

It's the venting issue. Snake the kitchen roof vent...

Re: Sink advise

From what you are describing it seems like a venting issue. Picture a milk jug full of water, if you tip it upside down the jug will start to suck in and pull air in from the bottom, until you puncture a hole on the top allowing air to draw in. A vent works the same way, it allows the water to flow down the drain without having to suck air in from the sink.

I would suggest installing a vent, or getting it unclogged if you already have one.

Good Luck!!

Re: Sink advise

Thanks to you both. I'll have to inspect the plumbing and see if it is vented.

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