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single unit toilet

I have a single piece toilet that is probably about 25 years old. The unit itself is solid but the flushing mechanism is poor in that it takes several pushes on the handle to get the unit to fully flush. I have never worked with this kind of unit and the replacement parts for the flush mechanism seem incompatible. Once the flapper is fully raised, the unit flushes fine.

This is Florida rental property and the elderly residents to whom we typically rent, are having difficulty with this. Before I go ahead and replace the unit, I am hoping that someone out there is familiar with these type of units from which I could get some suggestions on possible repairs.


Re: single unit toilet

Is it just the flapper you have trouble with?

If yes then;

1- check the chain length
2- replace the stopper, chain and lever

Re: single unit toilet

All your troubles can be easily fixed, so you don't need to replace the expensive toilet. If your car needs a tune up - do you dump it and buy a new car?

BTW, if you are a landlord, I advise you to learn how to fix a toilet and other basic things as soon as you can. Hiring a plumber and other pros will hurt your bottom line.

Re: single unit toilet

I sounds like the flapper. I usually replace the entire flushing unit when I replace the flapper, just to be sure everything is good. This usually does not cost much.

Good Luck:):):):)

Re: single unit toilet

What you have would appear to be a basic fix. If you can remove the flapper from one toilet and bring it to a big box store they should be able to find you a replacement and instruct you on how to adjust the flapper chain properly. I would also instruct the user to hold the handle down a few seconds longer when flushing. Home improvement are all about learning when you do it your self. Good luck with your project and please post how you make out.

Re: single unit toilet

Thanks for all the feedback.
I did replace all the internal parts less than one year ago and still had the same problem. It seems as if that the water either does not come in fast enough to totally move the flapper to verticle and/or the flush handle mechanism seems far enough from the flapper that the chain cannot get enough tension to totally raise the flapper. This is property in Flordia and we are in Ohio. I will be down there shortly and will try once again to replace the mechanism with a different style to see if that may work more efficently. I have repaired and replaced many toilets over the years and this one has me stymied....hence my reaching out to all.

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