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"singing" drains and plumbing

I just bought my first home and I'm having problems with my plumbing. First the toilet doesn't always flush on the first try so I bought a new toilet. Nope, didn't fix the problem. Then, SOMETIMES when my washer drains, or the toilet flushes, or the tub empties it gurgles throughout the other fixtures. This doesn't happen EVERY time, but more often than not. Just a few minutes ago I drained my tub and the toilet gurgled and bubbled so much it soaked my floor.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY PLUMBING??? I'm a single mom, can't afford plumbers fees, am willing to attempt to fix problem if it's a simple one myself. Oh, and yes, I have a vent to the outside..although it's broken at ground level and patched with PVC to a height of 5-6 feet:confused:.

Re: "singing" drains and plumbing

Sounds like the drain line needs to be cleared. Probably with a power snake.

Re: "singing" drains and plumbing

Since we have installed our new hot water heater we have had a "clunk" in the water pipes when we turn off any of our water faucets, both hot and cold. And now since we put in a new energy efficient toilet it also "clunks" after flushing is complete.
Can you help solve this mystery, please?

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