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Sill plate/rim joist insulation

I would like to insulate the area on top of the sill plate and against the rim joist in my basement. It will be area in between 16" o.c. ceiling joists and parallel to joists at ends of room. I am thinking rigid foam insulation cut into appropriate sized panels. Should I also use spray foam around edges? Any ideas? Thanks.

Re: Sill plate/rim joist insulation

you got'r pontica, thats exactly what works best especially the spray foam around the perimeter. if you can swing it get ahold of a real spray foam gun that the can loads into the top, much better control and 100 x less messy. after that first piece of foam goes on and is sealed you can stog some batts of fibreglass in there for added r-value

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Re: Sill plate/rim joist insulation

A bit further planning/investigation, I looked at rigid foam boards at local home center (e.g., Dow TUFF-R) they say that they must be covered with thermal barrier for interior installation. I researched Dow website, alternative product Thermax says no thermal barrier required, but hard to find/expensive. What to do? I am thinking small panels of TUFF-R type between joists with panels of 1/2" gypsum for thermal barrier, all sealed around edges with spray foam. Any comments? Thanx.

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