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Sierra modular light switch

I have a "Sierra" 3-way light switch that needs replacing but I can't find where to get that brand. It is unique. It is modular. A metal plate with a snap-in switch on top, a space, and a second snap-in switch on the bottom.

Iv'e tried two different Leviton switches from Home Depot. One works partially the other doesn't work at all.

There is no part number on the switch just the brand name "Sierra." Does anyone out there know where to get a Sierra switch?

Re: Sierra modular light switch


I know that Pass and Seymour makes Sierra wall plates but the Sierra switch I'm not to sure about. Maybe take a look through their web site.

Re: Sierra modular light switch

Ya know, I think YukYuk hit it on the head. I know that GE is still making relays for these systems so maybe switches as well.

I think instead of a three way you might have a switch that has a common and pushed one way it will pull the relay in and the other way will pull the relay out. You can wire two switches in parallel to function as a three way.

Re: Sierra modular light switch

I have the same system... infact there are two sets of three in my house that I would like to replace. Have you had any luck finding anything that will do so?


Re: Sierra modular light switch

Scott............ Great name, I named my son Scott.

The type of switch you are looking for is a Despard switch and it needs to be a momentary contact switch.

Pass & Seymour makes one and it's cat # is 1091. triple yokes are part #348, single 347, double 342

I found a couple of sites that did have triple yokes and covers. So it may take a little leg work with Google or a trip to an electrical supply house but they are still around.


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