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david l
shower wall kits

i'm in the middle of putting in a shower enclose wall kit. I removed the tub and all but the main question is should I install the new shower controls in the wall first before putting up the new wall panel. I'll have to cut a hole but what is easier. do it with the wall open or from behind after wall is up and hole cut?

MLB Construction
Re: shower wall kits

either way is fine but if you have enough room to work comfortably from the back then it will be easier to line everything up with the new shower wall.

david l
Re: shower wall kits

thank you so much for the reply.

have a great rest of the week

A. Spruce
Re: shower wall kits

You already have access to the front of the wet wall, why would you chop a hole from the back to create another? While you can do this, cut your work to nearly zero and do it from the front before you install your panel, here's why.

The back side is undoubtedly a finished wall, correct? Even if it's hidden in a closet, you will have to repair and paint it, hopefully well enough to blend in like it was never done. This takes time, a whole lot of it! If you do it from the front side, all you have to do is "fire tape" the drywall repair because you're covering it up with a shower wall panel. Even if this is a fiberglass unit that you're installing, all your work is already in the bathroom, why not keep it that way? Less work overall, and it's not that difficult to take some measurements to determine where to cut the hole in the shower panel.

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