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Shower valve question

I'm looking at Moen valves for a new shower installation. I see that some are "no stops" and some are "with stops". What do "stops" do, and which is preferable?

Re: Shower valve question

Stops are shutoff's and they can be part of the valve body or not included. If you do not have existing shutoff's for servicing the shower you will want one with stops.

Re: Shower valve question

The cost for valves with stops is quite a bit more then the one without. I don't think there worth the extra cost. After all how long would it take to turn off the water to make a repair? The only place they would be useful is in multiple unit building.


Re: Shower valve question

Thanks for both replies. This is for a new below-grade bath in a basement. The water shut-off for the house is outside on the main level. Would it make sense to have them install a shut-off for just the basement?

Re: Shower valve question

I've had a Moen shower single handle posi-temp valve for about 6 yrs , and only recently had to replace the cartridge . It does not have the stops . What I want to tell you is that I contacted the MOEN Co. and they sent a new valve . I then found out that the manifold or valve housing was very pitted . I took a chance and w/o hesitation they sent a new manifold . I had been looking on e-bay and saw a few for 50- 60 . I did the original installation and the replace went w/o much trouble . All this and I had not saved my receipt . I told the call taker I was going to fly a Moen flag in front of my home. Good choice no matter what you decide.

Re: Shower valve question

I've always recommend Moen, Delta or Peerless specifically for the reasons mentioned above. Lifetime warranty, made here in the USA are good enough reasons for me.

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