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Tom Armstrong
Shower temperature control

When the hot and cold water is running for a shower, I expect the water temperature to get hotter when I turn down the cold water. But that's not the case.... Turning down the cold water makes the shower get colder. Turning down the cold water more makes the shower water colder again....

I have never experienced this before. How about the rest of you?

Re: Shower temperature control

And what happens when you turn down the hot side?

Might be a simple case of the pipes being hooked up in reverse to the control(s).

Tom Armstrong
Re: Shower temperature control

I have realized I need to include more information about my problem....

My house was built in 1960. The shower is in the bath tub, with what seems like ordinary controls. There is hot and a cold faucet, and a pull-up rod on the spigot that changes the flow from the tub to the shower head.

Each faucet works as expected when it is the only one turned on. Eventually I can get the water temperature from the shower head to be where I want it, but only after fiddling with the faucet handles for a while.

If the water is coming out just a little cool, a little turn of the cold faucet towards the "off" position should lessen the cold water admitted to the mixture, and increase the water temterture. No such luck. The water just gets colder. Neither does the water temperature increase with a small turn towards "all the way open" of the hot water faucet.

I have changed the washers in these two faucets, and the setup seems to be rather simple. The two water pipes come up adjacent to the tub. The valves admit water to a common pipe, which then directs the water to the spigot/shower control point. For a while I thought there mght be an air buble in the pipes, valves, etc., but now that I have seen how it works, I don't know how that could happen....

So, it still annoys me every time I have to fiddle around trying to find the right setting.

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