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Shower running during night


I know this may sound very strange.
Every few nights in the middle of the night, water flows from the shower for about 15 seconds, it may adverage about a quart. without anyone recently using it.
Any solutions or reasons why this is happening


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Re: Shower running during night

You know , since you brought it up , one of my showers does the same thing . Not as often and only about a cup of water or so . Spooky though .

A. Spruce
Re: Shower running during night

Hey, ghosts need a shower once in a while too ... ;)

Re: Shower running during night

Don't forget witches.:eek: ;)

Happy New Year everyone.:)

Re: Shower running during night

At least the ghost are clean .
sometimes the pipe takes a while to burp -after you close the water valve the water is traped until some air works it way down the pipe an then the water falls out like a soda straw and a fnger on the end.Except the ghost is using it finger for long enough to scare the [email protected]#$%^ out of you.

happy new year to everyone GO PATS

Re: Shower running during night

Yeah , I wasn't concerned about it . The first time I heard it was about 1:00 in the morning . THAT'S the spooky part .

Happy New Year to everybody here .

Re: Shower running during night

We had a similar thing in a shower stall right after it was installed a few years ago. Initially we thought we had clean ghosts! After a couple weeks of this, I took the valve stem out (single handle Moen IIRC) and there was a thread in the guts of the stem. I guess that allowed just enough of a drip through the valve that after a while it built up to the point of about a 5 second flow from the shower head. Maybe you have a similar issue with some debris in the valve?

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