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Shower: Plumber or carpenter?

The house: a 152 yr old house; 90% original. I don't want to tear it apart to fix things, because I'm affraid of doing damage to irreplaceable floor, ceiling, etc.

The problem: We have a shower on the 2nd floor that looks like it is leaking where the shower wall meets the pan. We didn't notice it until the wall next to this joint starting looking like it had water damage. It also looks like it may have leaked to the 1st floor bathroom and dining room shared wall.

Question: Do we hire a plumber to fix the shower and carpenter/plasterer to fix the walls? Or will a carpenter be able to tell us enough about the shower problem to fix it our selves.

Re: Shower: Plumber or carpenter?

You may have to gain access to the back side of the plumbing wall in order to determine what is leaking. Obviously something needs to be replumbed so yes a plumber will need to be called unless you want to attack it yourself. However, most plumbers don't do wood work or drywall repair. So I guess your answer is yes to both.

Re: Shower: Plumber or carpenter?

hard to tell from your pics but here goes.
it looks like you have a shower door? and that the
leak is happening at the lower corner,correct?
anyway that is a very common area for a leak , the caulking
along the door side and bottom usually fail first.
also is there any caulking/silicone in the seam of the
showerwall where it meets the pan? a few years ago some
manufacturers did not call for that area to be sealed but
now they do for this reason.
i would redo the caulking/silicone in that area at least
and see what happens.
as for the walls , is just the paint peeling or is the
plaster soft. if just the paint is peeling , scrap, sand and

if you aren't up to the work, i would check with a carpenter
no need for a plumber. a professional handyman should be able to do it all.

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