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Shower Pan issue

My parent's house was built in the mid 70's. It's a Bi-Level on a slab so there is no basement or crawlspace.

Downstairs is a small bathroom with s shower. The shower floor (I believe it's called the pan) has some cracks. A "handyman" "fixed" them with some waterproof paint like material. Well the "fix" is now gone.

Is there any way to permanently seal the cracks? They would prefer not to have to have a professional come in and replace the shower pan because that would require the removal of the sink and toilet to gain access.



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Re: Shower Pan issue

that's a fiberglass floor pan. you can buy a fiberglass repair kit and "do your best" but it won't last very long, especially if you use the shower daily. there's really not much you can do short of replacing it. sorry to give you the bad news but once a fiberglass shower floor starts to crack there isn't a permanent fix for it.

Re: Shower Pan issue

My experience with this type of shower is the same, and replacement is the only solution. BTW, the sooner you replace it, the less long term water damage you'll have.

Doing things right the first time costs less later.

Also, your shower lasted you some 40 years - that's not bad at all. Consider yourself lucky.

Re: Shower Pan issue

dj1 and MLB Construction thank you for the replies. I will pass this information on to my parents but I think it will be of no use. When I last spoke my father was talking about using FlexSeal on it.

I know that's a bad idea but it will be hard to dissuade them. It took over a month for them to get someone to come out and fix the shower that had water coming out from behind the wall where the pipe that goes to the shower head comes out.

Re: Shower Pan issue

You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink.

Tell your parents that I said that it will cost more in the future.

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