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shower leaking from somewhere into closet

I have recently had water damage to base board and dry wall next to shower, now I am getting water in closet making carpet wet, can not find source, anyone please help

Re: shower leaking from somewhere into closet

A water leak can come from different sources and it's impossible to say over the internet.

What you need to do is inspect, inspect and inspect, while the shower is on to find the source of the leak. You have to do it sooner rather than later, cause leaks don't get better by themselves and they can quietly cause a lot of damage, including mold.

Also, don't replace anything (carpet, baseboard, drywall, etc) before you fix the leak.

Re: shower leaking from somewhere into closet

If this shower is on the other side of the closet then open that separating wall to find the source of the leak.

Re: shower leaking from somewhere into closet

I had the same problem with water leaking into the carpet on the wall against the bed room.Turned out to be leaking through a crack in the grout toward the base of the shower.Sc****d out old grout,re grouted and solved the problem.May or may not help you,but take a close look at the grout lines.

Re: shower leaking from somewhere into closet

What I always do is remove the Escutcheon that goes around the shower head pull it back stuff some toilet paper in there then I take off the shower handle and its Escutcheon and look in there with a flashlight to make sure its not leaking out the cartridge or valve, inspect the tiles for any cracks in the grout you can put a bucket under the shower head so your not using any drain or surround and see if it leaks after doing that slowly introduce different scenarios take a hose from another location spray down the shower or let it run on the floor of the shower see if it leaks etc... its a process of elimination but you will find that you can eliminate one thing after another or you can start cutting holes int he wall and find out you have a bad cartridge or something like shower arm that could of avoided more damage due to cutting into the wall unless of course its already needing replaced.

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