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Shower installed near door - what to do?


I am renovating a very small bathroom in my older home. Due to the size and layout of the house, expanding the bathroom is out of the question so I am stuck having to use the home's old and small tub (it is less than 4 feet long with rounded edges and 2 sides installed up against the walls, including the door casing) because it is the only sized tub that will fit the space. Here is the problem: The shower head is installed about 20" away from the door. So, whenever anyone takes a shower water splashes on to the door casing. The door casing is rotted and needs to be replaced, but I want another alternative to replacing the door casing ever time it rots. Some people have suggested tiling that side of the door casing, but that will make the casing look unsymmetrical and undesirable. I could tile the entire door surround, but that would take away from the historical look I am trying to preserve in the room? Does anyone know what I should do? Standard tub/shower doors are not an option so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts. Thanks!

Re: Shower installed near door - what to do?

I’d come up with a creative and better water diversion system from the shower head… You have posted no photos so specific ideas are hard to come up with.

A. Spruce
Re: Shower installed near door - what to do?

Is the splash coming over the shower curtain or is the curtain not staying against the wall, allowing water out? If it's the first scenario, get a taller curtain. If it's the second scenario, then either a curved curtain rod set closer into the shower head (the curve will still give plenty of space for showering ) or apply velcro tabs along the edge of the curtain so that it can be tacked to the wall during use. In lieu of velcro tabs, you can wet the wall when entering the shower and stick the curtain to the wet surface.

Re: Shower installed near door - what to do?

Hi all,

I know it's tough without pictures...I havent moved in to the house yet, so I'll try to get a shot the next time I'm there.

In regards to the tub, it is actually installed right up against the door opening. The door casing doesn't even reach the ground, it stops at the top of the tub. So, the tub is a part of the door casing itself. So, it's almost impossible to keep water from hitting the casing since it's a part of the shower wall. I dont know what the former owners were thinking...


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