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Shower Drain Leaking from Inadequately supported Base

I have a single-piece fiberglass shower that is leaking from the drain. The cause is that the base is not supported well and the bottom flexes, causing the drain to loosen. It has been tightened several times but seems to keep coming loose.

Any suggestions on how to adequately support the shower so that the bottom doesn't flex? It is located on a 2nd floor.


Re: Shower Drain Leaking from Inadequately supported Base

Question: how is it supported now (I assume from day 1)?

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Re: Shower Drain Leaking from Inadequately supported Base

a temporary fix, which may or may not work and may or may not last very long, would be to inject spray foam insulation below the shower pan from below. it's not something i would do but it might get you through a few more months or years until you can demo it and fix it properly.

Re: Shower Drain Leaking from Inadequately supported Base

If the shower is on a 2nd floor how are you tightening the strainer? Do you have access to the bottom of the shower?

Re: Shower Drain Leaking from Inadequately supported Base

The key question is access- can you get to the area from underneath and is there room to fix it properly from there? If so, then a good and permanent fix is to inject a concrete filler from underneath. This comes in regular caulking tubes. You'll need to drill small holes (3/8 to 1/2 inch) to do this through without drilling into the pan. I'd do the whole pan area with holes spaced 6-8 inches apart. Determine the floor thickness and use a 'drill stop' collar on the bit- that keeps you from over-drilling into the pan. Before injecting, see if you can loosen the drain from above- it should unscrew. If the filler is runny and wants to seep out, have some duct tape handy to cover the injection holes as soon as you remove the tip of the caulking tube.m Start from the outside of the area and work inward and if needed, duct tape around the drain area to hole the filler in place there too. The crack filler will set up hard but still slightly flexible, and once it does than you can reset the drain with new putty and that should cure the leak forever, moisture will not affect the filler as it might with expanding foam.

Afterwards find the plumber who 'cheated' on the install and remind him that stupid is as stupid does and that he's pretty darn stupid :rolleyes:


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