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basement larry
shower drain in basement

i am installing a bathroom in basement there is a drain i think is for shower the slob is sloapt like a shower floor but the drain is flush with a screen at floor level i am including a picture there is 1 1/2' pvc that sticks up about 1/2' and its threaded will i need to bust the concrete around the drain to connect or can i lay the tile on the top of this ?

thank you,
basement larry

Re: shower drain in basement

That looks like some rigged up junk. Is that threaded pipe or a plug sticking up? Is there a trap that is connected to it? If it is a shower drain there should be a pan. And I dont see one in the pictures. So I think you need to break open the slab and see what you have in there and build your shower from the dirt out and be sure that the fixture is vented.

From appearances it looks like a floor drain that is missing a strainer and a raised lug c.o. plug inverted into it. Or a c.o. without the cover.:confused:

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: shower drain in basement

around here we gotta have 2" for shower anyway so you'd have to bust things up to do it anyway.

our basement floor drains didn't connect to sewer originally they connected to sump to gray water drywell except for one that was a french drain that let in uraniam gas or rodon till we got that fixed!

Re: shower drain in basement

When you lay the tile that will make up the 1/2" difference. Espically if you use a thinker layer of motar to maybe bring the floor up to 3/4" ir 1" at the outer edges sloped into the drain. Process of elimanation. Good luck.

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