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Shower Door Is Sticking Please Help

I watched the video on how to fix the shower door...I've tried it 7 times and it has not worked yet. The right side is lower than the left, and once I put the drip rail on, it doesn't close. There is not enough room for the rubber part to go through the door. The right side hangs lower than the left. I am able to loosen 3 of the four corners of screws as in the video. The bottom left screw is totally stripped. I cannot remove it. It's been in there a long time and won't come out. Can anyone please tell me what I can do to fix this?

Re: Shower Door Is Sticking Please Help

Maybe for the stripped screw you could try a product called GRABIT Screw extractor. One bit chews out a cone shape in the screw head and another bit is used to bit into the cone and extract the screw. You could also drill out the stripped screw; you would have to find a replacement of course. If you end up enlarging the hole in doing this you may even have to get a replacement screw the next size up. Maybe that would help with that part anyway.


john lindsey
Re: Shower Door Is Sticking Please Help

I, also, have a sticking door. Where is the video that you refer to as watching? Thanks

Re: Shower Door Is Sticking Please Help

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