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Shower door options

I'm remodeling my small 4 x 8 bathroom, and need some advice on the options I have for a stall shower door that has minimal clearance.

The stall shower has its opening (36" wide) facing the toilet at the end of the room, and only has 24" inches of clearance. Are there any bifold shower door options I could use, I am not thrilled about using just a shower curtain.

What about one that opens into the shower instead of out... has anyone seen something like that before? I am open to all options, as you guys on these boards have some of the best ideas around!


Re: Shower door options

a very popular option, and i've even used them in baths that i've remodeled, is to use a solid pane of glass that stays in place and attached to that fixed pane of glass is the door hinge. my mother has one in her bathroom. so picture this, your 36" opening, top to bottom on one side is a pane of glass, say it's 12" wide, firmly affixed in place and water tight. now the door can swing either way, way # 1 is that the hinge is on the opposite wall and the pieces of glass meet (via a plastic strip to stop water from escaping) when the door is shut. option # 2 is for the permanent piece of glass to hold the hinges to the door and it will close along the other side of the shower opening. i know you can find pics of these online, here's a picture of an inexpensive version of what i'm talking about. they make nice frameless ones that get quite expensive too.

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