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Shower Door Leak

We had a triple pane bypass shower door installed on our walk-in shower. Over the years we've noticed a leak and realized the doors were installed backwards. The inside door should be the outermost and the outside door the innermost. The shower head is directing the water between the doors. Either the head should be on the opposite wall or the doors need to be re-aligned. We have tried to re-align the doors but they seem to only fit one way.

The doors themselves are smooth on the inside and textured on the outside so they cannot be flipped. The base of the doors rides along the edges of a wide, single track but the fitting on the bottom of the inner and outer door must be facing the correct way to align with the bottom tray. The fittings can be removed from the doors but can't be installed in the other side of the doors as the two sides are different.

There is a vertical magnetic strip on each side of the doorway and the "pull" is on the right hand side of the innermost (when you are inside) and outermost (when you are outside) door of the shower. The fittings at the top of the door won't fit into the bottom of the door.

The original installation instructions are not available and the only identifying markings on the door itself are "Euro Collection" and "original shower" on the trim. We know the door is some European type. The panels are some type of plastic and the trim around them looks like brass (it is gold in color).

The leak has caused some surface damage to the drywall. Any suggestions?

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