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Shower Diverter Does Not Transfer All of the Water

My shower diverter is not transferring all of the water to the showerhead. Half of the water flows out of the tub faucet and the other half flows out of the showerhead. I have a three knob setup which contains a knob for each of the following: hot, cold, and diverter. I took the diverter valve to the hardware store and purchased a diverter that matched my existing diverter valve. I installed the new diverter valve which did not resolve the problem. Because the problem continued I went back to the hardware store. The hardware store clerk stated I must have purchased a bad diverter and to exchange it for another one which I did. Unfortunately, I continue to have the same problem with second new diverter valve. I removed the showerhead to verify whether the showerhead was clogged. When I turned on the water and turned the diverter to send the water through the pipe to where the showerhead would normally be installed, half of the water was dispensed out the faucet and the other half ran out the showerhead pipe. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Re: Shower Diverter Does Not Transfer All of the Water

So you turn the middle knob one way for shower the other for tub correct?

When you turn it to shower, you still get a lot of water out of the tub filler?

Perhaps there is some sort of calibration adjustment within the valve itself. I know on my shower/tub filler setup I had to adjust the hot water limiter, it was set from the factory for anti-scald but would barely allow any flow. I adjusted it and am able to get more flow while still not allowing super hot water through. Its not identical to your problem but it's all I can tell you.

Other than that I dunno.

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