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Re: Should I rewire my 1957 home?

Thanks for the thoughts everyone.

I confirmed that the outer sheath of the original wiring is indeed braided cloth. I also spoke with my insurance agent and there is no issue of coverage nor would there be a discount if I replaced the wiring. I imagine this concern is highly dependent on locale and insurance company, so everyone should do this investigation themselves and not rely on my experience.

I will be doing a more complete analysis of the loads to determine if more circuits are required, but even if they are, I can do that without opening the walls by splitting them up where they are accessible in the attic. However, the loads we are dealing with now in 2013 are very different from 10 years ago when our CRT televisions and other such things were placing huge loads on these older circuits. With a few exceptions, our individual appliances are consuming much less power, and lighting is greatly reduced (6x for equivalent lighting using LEDs, still 3x if we double the existing fixtures/lumens). The number of plugs has definitely gone up though - how many 5V chargers do you have in your bedroom? ;-)

The point about costing out the options is well taken and I'm in the process of doing that. I have a bid for insulation with blow-in fiberglass as well as with bats should I decide to open the wall. Of course the third option is to do the bats myself as that is easy enough once the walls are open. Next up, drywall bids (and I must resist the urge to inflate that to blue-board and plaster.....)


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