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Shoe marks on stair risers

I ripped off the carpet, painted the risers and stained/varnished the treads, put oval braided carpet on each tread. When carpet-layers, with big feet, went upstairs to install carpet, their big shoes hit my beautiful white risers and left black marks. I admit the stairs are not the modern size. What can I put on the riser part to avoid more of this? I saw a plastic version of molded tin sheets (like you'd see on old ceilings)that you can use as back splash by gluing in place. Maybe that would work? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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Re: Shoe marks on stair risers

good clean carpet installers will put booties over their nasty boots to protect your house from their grime and marks!

i doubt you'll let these clods back in so why worry about protecting them from more damage? clean off the scuff marks the mr. clean magic eraser works good on washable paint. if you have to repaint prime first and mabe use a nice semigloss or enamel paint on the risers.

you could make your house a shoeless rule or make them wear clean white tennis shoes no black shoes no black rubber soles and make them wipe their feet. narrow stairs can be navigated with feet sideways for those with long feet.

i'd complain to the company about your damages. they should make it right or reimburse you for the expense of fixing their damages/mess!

Re: Shoe marks on stair risers

please don't tell workers to walk sideways going up your stairs that will make you sound like a wack-o and then they will just try to hurry to get out of there and hurried workers very seldom do a good job. I think you are probally on the right track at protection of painted surface.

Re: Shoe marks on stair risers

Thanks. I like the Magic Eraser idea, which I have never used. I'm sure the current mark won't be the last one, as I hostess family holiday dinners and the kids are up and down those stairs all afternoon. (and I don't want to ask them to walk sideways up the stairs, either.) Thanks again.

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