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Shocking light switch

All day long I get shocks from the light switches and the house is really staticy. Can anyone tell me if I have a problem or not?

Re: Shocking light switch

Increasing the humidity or spray the carpet with anti static spray generally helps.

Re: Shocking light switch

Increasing the humidity or spray the carpet with anti static spray generally helps.

I agree with JLMCDANIEL, signed, Dr.Gregory House.:rolleyes:
Low winter time household humidity is a royal pain.

A. Spruce
Re: Shocking light switch

Question, are you getting shocked off the switch or are you getting zapped off the cover plate screws?

With the increased static in the air, I'd get zapped by the cover plate screws, the fix was to replace the screws with nylon. No more problem.

FYI, the same thing happens getting and out of the vehicles. Before getting out, grab the metal part of the door, then put your foot on the ground - no more zap.

Re: Shocking light switch

I'd be surprised if you weren't getting static shocks touching other items as well.

My GF is constantly zapping the microwave and thermostat knocking out the programming. I'm always scared of getting a huge jolt when she touches me. ;)

Re: Shocking light switch

Winter time makes me neurotic about static sparks. You should see me walk up to a water fountain, I'll stand there glaring at it for a good 5-10s before I gingerly tap the metal on the fountain before I turn it on and lean over. Nothing worse then a water foutain static spark to the lips or tounge.

I do Spruce's method with cars, I hold on to the metal part of the door before getting out to cut down on shocks.

Nylon screw on switch plates will cut down on static sparks.

Also higher humidity mostly gets rid of this. I find that static generally only starts to be a real issue once the humidity level drops below around 30%. I installed a whole house humidifier (Honeywell one) in the fall and it has made a world of difference. Keeps the humidity around 42-45% (where I like it) and the house feels warmer at the same temperature as well as pretty much no static shocking and no chapped lips this winter time (it has been a God send for my wife's asthama as well). Only ran me about $150 for everything and about 3hrs of my time to install it.

Re: Shocking light switch

We have the issue in our home as well. The humidifier seems to help alot.

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