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Shingle cap vents

Do I need to keep the roof cap vents ? I have a wood ceiling of 2x8 tongue and groove pine in my family room and the room is always cold and drafty. There are sheets of foam then plywood then shingled. My question is do you think I still need to vent this for moisture purposes or can I take off the vent cap foam it and shingle it to cut down on drafts? Thanks, Rick

A. Spruce
Re: Shingle cap vents

What you're proposing won't stop anything, particularly if the roof has eave or gable vents. The attic space needs to be vented.

My suspicion of what you have on your ceiling is "ship lap" siding, otherwise known as v-rustic. It is not tongue and groove, rather it has lapped edges. Either way, there is no seal created with this type of system and air is going to pass through any open crack or knot hole.

How your ceiling "should" have been done is drywalled and taped. This not only acts as a draft stop, but also helps create a fire barrier, and then over the drywall the wood is installed.

Re: Shingle cap vents

sprucey is correct, the venting is there to keep the roof from getting whats called hotdeck. if the underside of the roof isnt vented the shingles will bake thus shortening hte life of them by up to half,, ive seen it, not a pretty picture

same goes for the drywall then the wood ceiling, ive done this. its not fun hanging 5/8 drywall on a sloped ceiling then installing t&g pine over top of that

Re: Shingle cap vents

Thank you for your help gentlemen I will leave things as they are! rswinim

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