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Sheetrocking over Sheet Vinyl Applied to Plaster Walls!!!

My sister recently purchased a 1926 home. The most unusual 'feature'- sheet vinyl applied to the plaster walls in both bedrooms. One bedroom has a nice chair-rail splitting paneling (lower) and vinyl (upper).:eek:

The assumption is that removing the vinyl would completely destroy the plaster walls underneath. There is also some concern that there might be vermiculite insulation blown into the walls which would be exposed in such a demo. (Verm. insul. was used in the attic and it isn't in the budget to tackle this yet.)

An alternitive that I was suggesting was to use 1/4" drywall applied over the vinyl. Most of the wood work in the home is original & unpainted and such a covering would prevent the side profile of the windows from disappearing/ending up flush with the walls. (Textured wallpaper over the vinyl as another alternative isn't really something that my sister would go for.)

Can I get some feedback on the idea of covering the existing wall 'treatment' w/ drywall? Would any surface prep need to be done to the vinyl to prevent any wierd vapor barrier issues? And would the screwing pattern for this senerio and thickness of drywall still be 6" around the perimeter and 12" in the field?

Thank you for your advice!

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