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Sheetrock with Liquid Nail

Hi! We are working on remodeling a house built in the late 70's. They have sheetrock hung (not primed or anything) and they hung paneling over it. They used nails to hold the paneling and also liquid nail. We are tearing down the paneling and would like to pain the walls. I understand I have to prime the sheetrock, but any good suggestions on how to remove the liquid nail without re-sheetrocking? We've chiseled some, but that takes forever...wondering if there's an easier way.

A. Spruce
Re: Sheetrock with Liquid Nail

Two choices, replace the drywall, or chip it off with a flat blade. Both labor intensive, both a pain in the patootie.

Re: Sheetrock with Liquid Nail

Rip it and install new. Cheaper, faster and with better results.

Re: Sheetrock with Liquid Nail

When removing mirrors, we cut around the blobs of adhesive with a razor, then pulling the paper and gluw off at the same time.

That might work for you.

The treat the broken paper wit Zinsser Gardz

If not, time for new drywall or paneling.

Re: Sheetrock with Liquid Nail

Getting the glue off physically then skimming may be cheapest but it's a lot of time-consuming work. Demoing and replacing the sheetrock will cost more but it's a bit faster and you know you will get a good finish. You might also consider doing an "overlay" with 1/4" or 3/8" sheetrock, gluing and nailing over the old. This has the disadvantage of needing jamb extensions at every door or window but it's cleaner, costs less than full replacement, goes faster than either of the other two, and gives you just as good a finish as new does.

I recently went with the first option, removing the glue and skimming. By the time I was done I was kicking myself for not doing an overlay even with the added cost. All are viable options though.


A. Spruce
Re: Sheetrock with Liquid Nail

Phil, you should have gone with silicone . . . :p;):cool:

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