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Shady in Suisun

20 years ago I planted 6 poplars along my back fence. Now they are huge we love the shade and protection from the wind but I don't know how long they will live for. My question is can the lumber from the poplars be used? Or at what point do I need to have them removed?

Re: Shady in Suisun

I planted 4 hybrid poplars about 20 years ago. Mostly because they were fast growing. One died after being struck by lightning although it took 5 years to succumb. On snapped in half duting a tropical storm last year. I retrospect I wish I planted something that didn't get so tall. The wood burns ok, but it isn't a hard wood. My trees aren't the green poplar that is used in woodwork ,secondary wood or paint grade trim

A. Spruce
Re: Shady in Suisun
ed21 wrote:

My trees aren't the green poplar that is used in woodwork ,secondary wood or paint grade trim

For basic woodworking, it doesn't matter, especially if you're making toys or prototyping and just need something cheap to work with.

It won't be good for anything structural, certainly not for a house, but possibly lumber could be used for a garden shed. Lastly, no matter what kind of wood it is, firewood is always an option. Poplar is a soft wood, so it's going to burn rather hot and quickly.

Re: Shady in Suisun

flapjack, if you have hybrid Poplars, they don't have a good reputation for longevity, but if these are regular Poplars or Tulip Poplars, they should last 35 years or more, or two to three years after being hit by lightening.

Re: Shady in Suisun

Thanks for the input. I'll be meeting with the arborist and
put a plan together to deal with the trees.

Thanks again, flap

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