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Sewer smell in kitchen sink

I sometimes get a strong sewer gas smell in my kitchen sink, dishwasher (next to kitchen sink) and washer (7 feet from sink). Had plumber out to clean sewer lines and he said that I have a broken sewer line and need to get a plumber with a camera. I don't think he is correct because I only smell sewer gas some of the time. Sometimes it is so bad can hardly stand it and then other times no smell and I'm talking days or more at a time. Could it be that my vent is possibly stopped up? I would think if I had a broken sewer line that it would smell sewer gas all the time. Any ideas?

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Re: Sewer smell in kitchen sink

the first things i would check are the dishwasher and the disposal. the dishwasher is famous for stinking when the drain hose is not installed properly. if you look under your sink and the drain hose for the dishwasher is down low, almost at the height of the lower shelf of the cabinet, there's a good chance that the smell is coming from the dishwasher. if the hose goes through the cabinet up high, right near the bottom of the countertop then it might be the disposal that's smelling. disposals are also notorious for holding odors and are sometimes in need of a good cleaning. good and gunk can get stuck in the disposal and not be washed out with normally running water.

examine those two things first and get back to us.

Re: Sewer smell in kitchen sink

MLB is right on: drain lines for the DW and the GD are the two things to check first and probably replace.

If your GD is over 5 years old, consider replacing it as well.

GD needs to be cleaned daily, I grind lemon slices in mine everyday. Ignore cleaning, and you end up with a stinking GD.

Re: Sewer smell in kitchen sink

I recently removed our disposal because of a piece of plastic jammed inside and was amazed how nasty it was inside the disposal itself. After removing and thoroughly cleaning the inside of the disposal and the underside of the rubber guard, I was amazed how much better it smelled by our sink. Just my $0.02.

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